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La Verrière Paris Restaurant

Nestling in the centre of the Niepce Paris Hotel, the La Verrière Paris Restaurant is a rare and wonderfully memorable place. With its elegant contemporary décor bathed in natural light, the La Verrière Paris Restaurant invites its guest to embark on an exciting culinary voyage through revisited flavours developed by Japanese Chef Kayori Hirano.
The menu and dishes served at La Verrière Paris reflect the exquisite, multicultural personality of our chef: deliciously fresh flavours from Japan combined with the subtle delicateness of French cuisine. These influences are a daily inspiration for Kayori Hirano when she prepares meals that make each visit to La Verrière Paris a unique experience.

The Chef

Even when I was very young, I knew that I would travel the world to become a Chef in a hotel restaurant. It was during a trip to France that I discovered and appreciated French culture. From that moment on, I knew the alliance of my roots with those of my new host country would contribute additional motivation to this adventure.

How have you found the right balance between these two cultures?

It’s very easy! The tastes of Japan conjure up many childhood memories… so it’s very natural for me to combine these memories with my new surroundings and take the best from both worlds.

Where has your career path taken you?

Well, I have been specializing in Franco-Japanese Teppanyaki since 2007. I’ve had the opportunity of discovering, creating and developing my cuisine at the Tour d’Argent, the Hotel de Crillon and the Peninsula. Working with Chef Christopher Hache and Chef Sidney Radel was a wonderful experience for me. My approach to cooking comes in large part from these two great Chefs. Today, my cuisine is really French cuisine fused with my Japanese roots.